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Today, our lives are powered by data and analytics -- when we search for the quickest way to work, when we are fed the latest news bits of interest, and when ads show up on our social media page. Information is aggregated, normalized, semantically enriched and converted to knowledge and intelligence through highly innovative and technical tools. SPi Global’s specialists and data experts enable global information companies to optimize their content systems with data normalization, aggregation, and abstraction. We support leading database products across multiple industries; including science, medicine, engineering, legal, financial and business information, risk and compliance, media and entertainment.


Find out how SPi developed a system that would keep the client’s information fresh and accurate coming from different sources.

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Content Extraction & Enrichment

Abstracting & Indexing

Our team of data abstraction specialists have years of experience in creating content summaries that can be used for marketing and discovery. We also provide multi-level indexing by subject, author, bibliography, table of statutes and table of cases among others. We handle millions of pages every year.

Semantic Enrichment

Our SMEs and semantic concept mining tools offer a powerful platform for generating smart content through large-scale data mining and extraction of key concepts from journal articles, patents, news reports, legal contracts and court judgements.

Taxonomy-Based Classification

We use subject knowledge combined with text mining and extraction algorithms to assign content that are based on existing taxonomies; and update and create new taxonomies, as well.


Research & Analytics

Web Monitoring & Data Aggregation

Our team of research analysts use custom web scrapers to identify changes in content, capture it and make your database product accurate. Be it funding opportunities for new research, SEC filings, court records, our data aggregation solutions keep you ahead.

Custom Research Projects

We also take on custom research projects that can involve news monitoring, competitive monitoring, company monitoring and more. These are either delivered as bespoke reports or a daily news digest.

Data Analytics

Our analytics practice combines the knowledge of process and product data with insights generated through content mining technologies to provide an all-around view. Our models have been successfully deployed in process optimization, customer satisfaction, marketing efficiency and more.


Data Normalization

Metadata Management

Our metadata management team handles generation/updating and enrichment of industry-standard and custom-metadata schemas that enable efficient data normalization and processing.

Content Mapping & Linking

Through a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning techniques integrated into our Content Extraction and Enrichment Suite, we are able to identify linkages in content assets and effectively map and link them for an effective content discovery and decision experience.

Data Hygiene

Good quality data is essential for analytics. Our data normalization solutions involve running validation rules, performing automated cleanup and identifying gaps that need to be filled out.


Platform Maintenance & Support

Database Design & Maintenance

Our content support team handles the design of content structures to enable new functionalities on your CMS platform and, also, manage content rendering and functionality related tickets coming from internal and external users of the platform. We have rich experience in a wide range of proprietary and open source CMS platforms; and combined with our in-depth knowledge of content workflows, provides you with a one-stop solution.

Conversion Engineering

Our team of content software engineers is able to design and maintain applications that can automatically transform aggregated content feeds to the required format. This lets your team focus on acquiring new content and leave the extract-transform-and-load process to us.

Content Migration

We are highly experienced in migrating content from your legacy platforms to new ones. Our full suite solution includes analysis of the requirements, mapping of the content structures, managing the ETL process, and performing the ingestion QA and testing. We have migrated millions of bytes of content for leading publishers.



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