Enabling Technologies

Digital First Workflow Platform

SPi's proprietary Digital First Workflow Platform effectively integrates our own technology tools via API communication layer to make solutions work for clients. The workflow automation software combines analytics and reporting capabilities for a near real-time view of our production processes. This helps to prioritize workload and improve efficiency as it identifies human touch points and bottlenecks in the process. The workflow automation software is hosted in-house and can also be hosted on the cloud for managing work across regions.



SPi has designed a workflow that completely automates content structuring, typesetting, packaging and deployment. Faster time-to-market is achieved with the reduction of waiting time between processes. It also incorporates an efficient UI/UX for status tracking and workload management.

The workflow automation software has fundamentally restructured the operations and database design set-up resulting in 300% productivity improvement. It has been rolled out across books and journals for all our major customers. 




SPiCE 3G is SPi's proprietary document structuring and editing application for content structuring, quick editing and digital transformation.

Some of the key features of SPiCE 3G include:
•   Provides for early stage XML that can be transformed into digital products, linked to databases or can produce a PDF using our composition engine
•   Uses pattern recognition technology to identify key elements from the author's manuscript for auto structuring based on the DTD schema of the client
•   AI & NLP based modules for language editing and reference & affiliations structuring
•   Supports over 25 DTDs/Schemas, over 10 Reference Standards (APA, Harvard, ACS etc.), 3,000 patterns to auto reference structuring/correction

Online Proofing System

OPS (Online Proofing System) is an HTML5 proofing and tracking platform. This system is used for hosting the XML in an HTML format instead of PDF. Authors can do the corrections in HTML and the XML at the backend will be updated.

It is a collaboration platform between Production Editors, Authors and Suppliers which manages the workflow between different stakeholders tracking corrections and comments in a central place.