10 Oct. 2019
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HOOQ and SPi Global’s AI Dubbing Solution Hailed as a Finalist in LocWorld Process Innovation Challenge

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MANILA, Philippines, October 10, 2019 – SmartDub, an artificial intelligence (AI) dubbing innovation by SPi Global - the world’s leading content technology and solutions provider - and premier streaming provider HOOQ, is one of the five finalists for the LocWorld Process Innovation Challenge at LocWorld Silicon Valley 2019 to be held in Silicon Valley, California on November 6 to 8, 2019.

SmartDub was chosen among dozens of entries in the Technology track for its industry-first features. Among them is its ability to generate synthetic voices by merging AI with Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology and voice morphology. The process innovation makes content more accessible to otherwise underserved market segments and reduces dependency on subtitles, particularly on mobile devices and in geographies with literacy challenges. With SmartDub in place, users have an opportunity to create deeper connections with content in their native language(s).

SmartDub launched earlier this year is currently being deployed to the OTT and video games market. With SmartDub in place, studios, gaming and eLearning providers can enjoy greater content discoverability worldwide, while regulated markets such as healthcare and finance can make their content fully accessible while meeting Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and ADA requirements.

At large, SmartDub reduces production cycles, speeds up the processing of assets, increases geographic expansion, offers a more cost-effective but accurate alternative to traditional human voice-over, and boosts return on investment for businesses.

"SmartDub ushers in a new normal in media content localization and delivers an enhanced user experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. Having been selected as a finalist at Locworld is evidence that SmartDub is indeed a game changer. Aside from our strategic partnership with HOOQ on this solution, we look forward to launching more innovative, technology-enabled solutions together for this market,” shares Jishnu Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at SPi Global.

“SmartDub represents an essential pillar of HOOQ’s mission to deliver a million stories to a billion people in that it offers additional viewing options for our users in typically unserved geographies. All in all, it contributes to making our content more discoverable across our five markets,” says Yvan Hennecart, Head of Localization, HOOQ. 

LocWorld is the leading conference for localization, translation, and global website management. Held annually in the US and Europe, the conference is well-attended by corporate leaders of international businesses such as Cisco, Uber, and Starbucks. With the theme “Go Global, Be Global”, this year’s conference invites businesses to exchange valuable insights on their globalization journey, thereby providing an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their language, translation, and technology solutions.

Finalists will be tasked to present their ideas during the Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) sessions on November 7. The SmartDub presentation will be headed by SPi Global Senior Vice President for Sales Lori Silverstein and HOOQ Head of Localization Yvan Hennecart. Winning technologies will be announced in an awarding ceremony on November 8.