Case Studies

SPi Global helps boost client revenues by reviving dormant titles

Engaging authors to deliver manuscripts on schedule

One of the biggest challenges in the publishing industry today is to get authors to complete and submit their work on the agreed schedules. As leading professionals in their fields, authors often struggle to balance the demands of work and personal responsibilities. In completing a book, authors reach out for assistance from the publisher’s editorial team but with reducing budgets, the editorial team is only able to prioritize the key titles, leaving a gap in managing satisfaction from authors and publishers.

SPi Global saw an opportunity to help. In 2014, the company launched a new service and pioneered the role of Project Editor. They are responsible for continuously keeping in touch with authors to help them complete their work.



SPi Global’s Project Editors strategically work with authors to complete and submit their work

The workflow implemented for the Project Editors was to find, correspond, and follow up with authors who needed assistance in completing their work. The SPi team was able to listen to the author’s issues and work with the publisher’s editorial team to provide solutions. They also took on some of the tasks such as rights and permissions clearance to reduce the load on the author.

As a result, nearly all the authors who were looking for support flowed in and the number of responses started to grow. The titles started to move from dormant to active status. As a result of effective training and proficiency, SPi Global was able to address all the issues faced by the authors.

The team’s engagement with the authors also helped to accurately define expected manuscript turnover dates for forecasting of publishing schedules.



73% titles revived from dormancy

With the Project Editor service in place, the publisher’s work in progress (WIP) titles count has increased. Due to the large volume, a new workflow for assessment was implemented. Books were moved to production faster and the editors had opportunities to accommodate a growing number of WIP titles. SPi Global has exerted considerable effort finding ways to disseminate information so that it would reach all the authors in a meaningful way. By streamlining our process to revive long-dormant titles, we ultimately helped our clients boost their revenues.