Case Studies

SPi Global content curation support leads to increased traffic in retail stores

Create attractive deals for retail partners and customers on a shopping app

The company who owns the most popular U.S. shopping app connecting shoppers to physical retailers was struggling  to offer their customers reward points for walking into stores. They were looking to create attractive deals for over 200  retail partners who were advertised on their app. Deals needed to be created 24x7 and a product team needed to support  this initiative. The product team would be focused on proofing content and content curation for store location coordinates, product UPC and more.



SPi Global team provides content curation support

SPi Global worked as a content development partner with contributions across product lines and services. The SPi Global team provided data curation support which helped improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the team. By providing 24x7  support, SPi Global was able to successfully drive their client’s business.   




The number of products covered, retail partners and deals created increased exponentially

The SPi Global team was able to deliver the following results:
• Increase the number of retail partners taking part in this initiative  from 50 to over 200
• Collect over 50,000 coordinates of store locations
• Increase the number of products covered from 30 to over 250
• Create between 25-30 deals per day covering over 250 products