Case Studies

SPi Global develops a user-friendly online learning portal

Reinvent a portal for users to answer assessment test questions

One of the leading healthcare publishers approached SPi Global to develop a web portal where the users were given access to practice and take assessment test questions. This is a portal for testing in different modes: practice mode and exam mode.

Their existing model had issues relating to access and functionality of the assessment. The previous design of the portal was not appealing and user-friendly. Furthermore, the test results were not stored and hence could not be printed. The client was also using this as a print product and it had multiple assessment components.



A parallel print and digital workflow developed reduced the delivery time

SPi Global provided a comprehensive hybrid solution for both print and digital. By developing a parallel workflow, the delivery time was reduced between print and digital workflows. We also adopted a shell oriented approach and redesigned the web portal using an HTML5 and JavaScript based shell which could be integrated to the customer’s PHP platform to view the assessment. Afterwards, we stored the session information and also provided local data storage so the results could be printed. For a better user experience, we created the design adaptation and timer functionality using the latest technology and we also created a seamless process to ingest the assessment questions so that once the print product was approved, the web portal content was also available.



Significant cost savings and reduced time-to-market

This resulted in reduced production and review cycle time. The overall time-to-market for deployment was reduced 40%. The shell was created in such a way that multiple books/assessments could be created for different assessments. This produced huge savings in cost and time for the client, as well as a very professional and appealing portal.