Case Studies

Metadata help needed by the largest and most comprehensive publisher of local and regional books in the United States

Help was needed identifying keywords from book metadata

The U.S.’s largest and most comprehensive publisher of local and regional books needed help identifying keywords from book metadata for 9,000 books. These keywords would help improve the searchability of their books on their website. The work needed to be finished quickly for a launch the company was targeting.



SPi Global develops metadata team

Metadata management is one of SPi Global’s core services. Our metadata management team handles generation/updating and enrichment of industry-standard and custom-metadata schemas that enable efficient processing. With a significant upcoming launch planned for this publisher, SPi Global quickly put together a team experienced in SEO and identifying keywords and completed the work by the time the stiff deadline was imposed.  



100,000 keywords found for 9,000 books in 6 weeks

With quality and efficiency, SPi Global’s team worked on this project,  identifying over 100,000 keywords for 9,000 books in just 6 weeks. With the success of this project, SPi was asked to work on a similar project with 80,000 books and to focus on keyword identification and geo tagging. In addition, a second project was identified with 10,000 books which also needed keyword identification from image captions. SPi Global has now become a trusted partner for content curation projects of this client.