Case Studies

SPi Global helps a leading provider of educational digital books expand their range of services

From digital retailer of college books to profitable student hub of educational services

Client’s former business of renting out college books had become outdated.  There was a tremendously growing opportunity in other student educational services – from homework help to test reviewers and even internship matching.

From a digital retailer of college books, client envisioned to become a platform that connects tools and resources with students who have educational and career goals to achieve.

Digital solutions, process improvements

• Dynamic Digital Conversion - 50 textbooks of exercises and solutions a month were converted from PDF or Word files into the more dynamic HTML5 format.
• Tutor Engagement - To enable live online tutorial services, SPi Global recruited and trained and hired digital-savvy tutors for the service.
• Image-Based Q&A Transcription - For handicapped students, an entire archive of image-based Q & A was made accessible. SPi Global transcribed that archive into the acceptable format and maintained it at a capacity of 20,000 questions a week.
• Quality Audit on Test Questions - SPi Global ran quality audits on test questions uploaded to the platform to identify errors and missing components. A checklist containing points to be covered during the QA process was provided and all QA results shared with client each time a test component was completed.

An expanded range of learning services, increased traffic, improved revenues

Aside from digital rental of books, client’s platform now offers textbook solutions to exercises, online tutorials, and even college search services.

For the textbook solutions, SPi Global was able to maintain the required capacity of 20,000 questions per week by the client.

SPi Global was also able to convert 50 textbooks per month of exercises and solution files from PDF and Word file inputs into HTML5 format.

For the tutorial services, the necessary amount of tutors were recruited and trained on the client’s platform.

Overall increase in traffic and revenue was the result of the technology upgrade supplied by SPi Global.