Case Studies

SPi Global extracts rich data on handbook content to drive usage and revenues for a leading publisher

To be more discoverable by extracting rich data for metadata creation

Students and researchers were the primary users of the books and articles published by this company. They would search and browse for hundreds of topics expecting quick and accurate results before deciding what to purchase.

The key to helping them find what they needed would rest on the richness of the metadata created for each title.  A thorough guideline and a meticulous process from SPi Global would pave the way for the solution.

Applied Taxonomy Mapping, Smart Tagging, Search Optimization

In order to facilitate the faceted search and browse functionality on the client’s platform, it was determined that extracting data at the chapter’s content level was necessary. Proprietary taxonomy and classifications from the client were applied correctly, consistently and completely to the content. Tagging was cleaned up, removing the unnecessary and merging the synonymous.  Then themes, notable names, theories and events central to the title were captured.

This chapter-level metadata tagging would then maximize the findability and discoverability of our content via common search tools.

20 subject matter experts worked on the titles to capture all relevant metadata. A review process was also put in place to check for completeness plus a final quality assurance step done by supervisors.

Increased revenues from easily discovered and purchased titles

SPi Global quickly populated client’s online catalog with rich metadata so that relevant titles could be easily found and purchased. SPi Global captured metadata for 40 books/1,200 chapters per month and for over 40 subjects.