Case Studies

SPi Global provides a global publisher with a solution that significantly reduces their response time

Global Publisher had large volumes of queries from authors not being responded to

A leading global publisher of print and electronic works was seeking to assist and respond to their hundreds of authors more efficiently. From general account queries to the status of manuscript submissions, to copyright & licensing to benefits and much more – SPi Global was tasked to find a way to efficiently handle the authors’ pressing concerns.

An accessible and adaptable web accessed platform: Salesforce CRM

For the authors, quick and easy access from any touch point, using any device was key. SPi Global set up a Salesforce CRM platform that provided e-mail, web and chat support to key stakeholders in the publishing process. Outgoing calls were made too, when necessary.  Authors, Production Editors and Reviewers were all included in the loop. Specialists were also placed on standby to open query cases and extract unassigned cases for resolution.

Response times decrease 45% as 350 cases per day were attended to

Ease of use and quick access led to faster resolution of cases as 350 cases a day were attended to. Response time improved a full 45% as the platform enabled salesforce to respond within 7.5 minutes.