Case Studies

An industry leader in alternative assets aspires to be the most accurate, most quoted and most used assets database

Update the client’s database within 6 months

SPi was challenged to develop a system that would keep the client’s information on investors, deals, private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate investment trusts, infrastructure deals coming from different sources (IAPD, SEC filings, firm websites, news articles) fresh and accurate. This meant all records in the huge database had to be updated within 6 months.

Templated Research and Automated Processes for Web Monitoring, Searching and Downloading make a difficult task manageable

The SPi pool of research analysts was divided into teams to focus their research.  Then they were trained in using a templated continuous research system wherein the analysts could create new records based on the latest information that they could get their hands on. Based on this, the analysts were able to perform key tasks required of them:

• Review and create ‘about’ information using given editorial guidelines
• Populate and update critical data fields in existing records
• Create new records (assigned by client or through additional analysis of RAs in news sources, client website, government regulatory portals, SEC filings etc)
• Add tags
• Add manual log for updated fields
• Monitor RSS feeds related to (private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, REITs, or infrastructure deals)
• Research using keywords for unfamiliar terms

Ever-fresh and intelligent data in as much as 500 records a month

Within a few months from the time the project was launched, from 200 to 500 data records a month was being updated in the new system.  In addition, about 30 new articles per day were being created.