Case Studies

SPi Global's proprietary video coding technology

To set up a video coding process that could handle up to 50 million images during peak periods

This client supported several postal services in Europe with the processing of documents and streamlining of postal processes. Their services included: mail and parcel sorting, collection of postages due, handling returned mail, processing response mail and handling COD. In order to help their clients handle large volumes of mail especially during the holiday season, SPi introduced new tools and innovations in technology and process.


SPi’s proprietary video coding technology, expertise in process streamlining and global network combine to solve and improve service deliveries

SPi’s unique video coding technology for address coding captured data their current sorters could not read. Scanned images of letters or parcels were transmitted to data entry staff working in SPi locations. Afer a quick and accurate entry of the address details, the data was transmitted back for automatic sorting of the mail.

SPi also created efcient solutions for the inbound information flows of the client’s customers by handling their invoices, reply cards, return flows, request forms, order forms, surveys and magazine coupons. Afer the client’s customers scanned the documents in their respective locations, SPi would perform data entry and send the output information to the client over a secure data connection. The whole process was handled quickly and efciently.

SPi’s global network and capability to expand resources over various production locations was key to client’s addressing the huge holiday volumes. A total of 16 team leaders and 304 staff service this client. Using SPi’s video coding platform, images were processed within an average turnaround time of 7 seconds.


Processing capacity increased by 200% while signifcantly reducing data entry costs

SPi’s solution was a sweet success as the client was recognized with a Postal Technology International Award soon afer partnering with SPi.

They also attained their capacity goals, handling even peak holiday volumes efciently and accurately. Up to 22 million images a month were processed from January to November and up to 50 million images over the Christmas month of December. SPi’s data entry costs were 50% lower than general rates in Europe, thus signifcantly also reducing the clients own production costs.