Case Studies

How SPi Global maximized communication with internal and external stakeholders for a Global Real Estate Firm

Content not displaying properly for internal and external stakeholders

A Global Real Estate Firm has been working with SPi in producing their periodic eDM (electronic digital mail) in the form of newsletters, announcements, and updates disseminated to their internal and external stakeholders. In Q1 2016, this company began encountering problems in the layout of emails, where content does not properly display correctly when opened. This resulted to additional revisions, additional production time, and hold-ups for other pending tasks.



SPi Global implements quality review process

SPi initiated a quality review process that specifically checks and corrects the back-end code and layout of the email announcements, including the removal of bugs. Given that most stakeholders access emails in Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) while the production process is done in PCs, checking has been done across      Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android email clients to ensure inter-platform compatibility. Aside from this, SPi also cross-checks different browsers to ensure an email opened via Web displays correctly.



Significant increase in acceptance rate of electronic digital mail

Upon implementation of these steps and inclusion into the regular QC process, SPi was able to increase the acceptance rating of its eDMs from 10% to 95-100%. As each revision takes up to 1-1.5 hours of production time, the reduction in the amount of iterations allowed SPi to improve its time efficiency and workload management. Overall, the client is satisfied with the emergent results.